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Reshaping blockchain

Welcome to Optakt, a tactical team of engineers working exclusively on projects which reshape the landscape of blockchain technology.

Our focus is the development of core blockchain infrastructure at the protocol layer, more so than the implementation of smart contract applications.

True Blockchain illustration

True Blockchain

Two things drive us at Optakt: building robust blockchain networks from the ground up, and putting them at the heart of a greater ecosystem. This self-imposed tunnel vision has allowed us to build software that runs core blockchain infrastructure worldwide. In essence, we exist to build impactful open source solutions for leading blockchain communities.

Creative Freedom illustration

Creative Freedom

Modern software development is broken. There is constant pressure from non-technical stakeholders for features to be delivered quickly. We choose to remove this constraint, and treat our programmers like craftsmen who need space to create. Paradoxically, this allows them to create better software with fewer resources.

Uncompromising Quality illustration

Uncompromising Quality

We are one-track minded about software design. Writing good code is an artform and there is a certain aesthetic when it flows effortlessly. In other words: smooth from day one, minimal technical debt, simple to maintain and easy to build upon. When these pieces come together, there’s a positive feedback loop which substantially increases development velocity.


Consensus Protocols

Consensus Protocols

Our team is passionate about designing and implementing the algorithms at the heart of every blockchain network.

Node Software

Node Software

Bringing together the network layer, data storage and cryptographic routines for a blockchain is a challenge we know how to tackle.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We have an affinity for processing the vast amounts of data available on blockchain networks and turning them into meaningful insights.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Rather than implementing smart contracts, we understand how to build the execution layer that runs them from scratch.

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