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Hey, we’re Optakt!

We are a small unit of software engineers who challenge mainstream software development thinking - and create exceptional solutions doing so.

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Outstanding Talent

We work with engineers who create exceptional software.

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Challenging Work

Solving complex problems that push us to our cognitive limits.

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Unrestrained Creativity

Letting creativity drive solutions, instead of business pressures or deadlines.

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Smooth Process

Cultivating a work environment without friction.

We work with engineers
who share our values

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Driven to push projects forward together, through their collective love for software design.

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Not comfortable plateauing, and always looking to learn and improve.

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Think about code beyond best practices, and approach complex problems through a creative eye.

we love

Check out these exceptional code bases that are our team's favourites...

onflow / <b>flow-go</b> icon

onflow / flow-go

A vibrant blockchain community with innovative scaling technology and merciless end-user focus. <view>

flare-foundation / <b>flare</b> icon

flare-foundation / flare

The first cross-chain bridge to fully validate underlying blockchains. <view>

ullaakut / <b>cameradar</b> icon

ullaakut / cameradar

Helping users across the world to serch, access and configuring cameras on their network. <view>

ullaakut / <b>nmap</b> icon

ullaakut / nmap

Build robust and reliable penetration testing solutions, contributing to security across the industry. <view>

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